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Hello & welcome to our website! I am so excited to share a small piece of Delta Gamma at the University of Arkansas!! 


At DG it is our mission to push our members to live our motto "Do Good" in all aspects of life - whether it's through campus involvement, academic success, philanthropic efforts, or just interacting with others on a daily basis. Doing good goes further than the four walls of Delta Gamma. 


The Alpha Omega chapter is home to over 450 collegiate women from different backgrounds, interests, personalities, and walks of life. These differences bring us together through the shared values Delta Gamma has given to us. We strive to foster the highest ideals of friendship, promote our educational and cultural interests, create in ourselves a true sense of social responsibility, and ultimately develop the best qualities of character. These values go farther than our time at the University of Arkansas and our supportive and encouraging alumnae are a constant reminder of Delta Gamma being more than a four year experience. 


Home is where your heart is and I can truly say Delta Gamma holds my heart. Through my time as a member, I have made life long friends, became a more courageous leader, and overall a person who strives to do good in all aspects of life. The greatest joy I've had is being able to serve my sisters as their president and push them to grow as leaders, friends, philanthropists, and women. 


I hope that in your time browsing our website you find inspiration to do good! 


Much love, 

Evelyn Lady


Delta Gamma, Alpha Omega

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