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Greetings and welcome to the Alpha Omega chapter of Delta Gamma. As Chapter President,  I am honored to share a piece of Delta Gamma at the University of Arkansas. 


My time at Delta Gamma has been one of my most treasured experiences and has given me a lifelong sisterhood that I will carry with me wherever I may go next. During these three years with Delta Gamma,  I have seen my sisters strive to “Do Good” and positively impact our community. 


“Do Good” is more than a motto and has come to symbolize a commitment to our values and ideals that all Delta Gamma women share. These are the ideals of friendship, the promotion of educational and cultural interests, the establishment of a sense of social responsibility, and the development of our best qualities of character in ourselves. 


Alpha Omega is a chapter of more than 475+ collegiate women who have each had a unique membership experience but are bound by the values of Delta Gamma and anchored to our lifelong sisterhood. 


During my time as a member, it has been one of my greatest joys to witness the bonds of sisterhood in Alpha Omega and see how our chapter comes together to “Do Good” in all aspects of life. As President, I am continuously inspired by the strength and courage of all Delta Gamma women I serve and strive to promote  leadership, friendship, philanthropy, and community. 



Hayden Hasten

Chapter President 

Alpha Omega - Delta Gamma

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